Infra-Red Radiant Heat

As the premier manufacturer of gas fired infra-red heating equipment, Detroit Radiant Products Company offers an exclusive line of Re-Verber-Ray® brand high and low intensity radiant heaters for commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential heating applications.

High Intensity, Gas Fired, Unvented Infra-Red Heaters

The DR Series is commonly used in areas with high air infiltration, high ceilings and/or spot heating applications. The DR Series is available in a multitude of configurations, ranging from 30 to 160 MBTU/H with 3 different control options.

The DR Series of infra-red heaters is ideal in applications where unvented high intensity heat offers design benefits or is preferred. The DR Series is also ideal for unvented spot heating applications.

Low Intensity Tube Heaters

Detroit Radiant Products Company is pleased to offer the most extensive line of low intensity tube heaters available in North America.

From our award winning, engineered vacuum system to our patented two stage line of heaters, we offer a product to suit your needs. Choose from our line of commercial and industrial, vacuum, residential, harsh environment, foreign (220V), agricultural or low clearance models.

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Low Intensity Tube Heaters